Nuclear Fuel

Nuclear Fuel Related Activities

Fuel Design and Development

Fuel used in nuclear power plants must be tolerant to harsh environments exposed to higher temperatures, pressure and radiation doses. We are working on the design and development of advanced fuel to improve energy efficiency as well as safety by combining both hardware and software technologies.

Fuel Design and Development

In-Core Fuel Management

We perform reactor core simulations to evaluate the safe and efficient fuel loading patterns and the amount of uranium consumed by fission during the operation period in order to confirm that the fuels we have delivered are achieving required performance safely and stably. We are also working on the development of the state-of-the-art computation codes required for such simulations.

Core Management

Domestic MOX Fuel-Related Engineering

We are closely working with Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited (JNFL) for the design, construction, commissioning and operation of their MOX fuel fabrication plant utilizing our experience in fuel engineering and plant operation cultivated through the design, development and manufacturing of light water reactor fuels and the experience of MOX fuel fabrication overseas.

Conceptual Drawing of the MOX Fuel Fabrication Plant