Tokai Works
(Tokai-mura, Ibaraki)

Tokai Works  (Tokai-mura, Ibaraki)

Tokai Works Overview

Production capability

BWR fuel: 250 tU/year

Site area

Approx. 134,000 square meters

Building area

Approx. 19,000 square meters

Number of employees

Approx. 90 persons

History of Tokai Works


Fuel fabrication facilities were built at Takeyama Research Laboratory. (The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.)


Site preparation work started for Tokai Manufacturer (currently Tokai Works)


BWR fuel fabrication business started at Tokai Manufacturer (currently Tokai Works)


New plant for high temperature gas-cooled reactor fuel was built


BWR fuel business division obtained ISO9001 certification for quality


Tokai Works obtained ISO14001 certification for environment (2001 - 2017)


Tokai Works obtained OHSAS18001 certification for occupational safety and health (2004 - 2020)

Delivery record

  • BWR fuel for light water reactor: 18,551 assemblies (as of end of March 2017)
  • HTR fuel: 300 assemblies (as of end of March 2017)
  • ATR fuel: 687 assemblies (production ended in fiscal year 1999)

Operational plans for disaster prevention for nuclear power operator

As required by the law for the nuclear operator and our own initiative to be prepared in the event of a nuclear disaster, we have drafted the Disaster Prevention Plans, which we review and modify annually.