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Safety and Environmental Efforts Overview
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Safety and Environmental Efforts Overview

We address “Nuclear Safety”, “Environmental Safety”, and “Occupational Safety and Health” as the highest priority of our business.

In order to address “Nuclear Safety”, “Environmental Safety”, and “Occupational Safety and Health” as the highest priority of our business, we continuously strive to make improvement in these areas based on the “Environment/Safety Standards”, “Nuclear Safety Policy”,and “Safety Culture Development Policy”established by our president.

Efforts toward Nuclear Safety

For nuclear safety, we implement criticality safety control, radiation control, and gaseous (effluent), liquid (effluent), and solid waste control for handling nuclear fuel materials (uranium).

Additionally, to maintain and improve safety, we created the safety management system in 2004 and operate in compliance with it at both the Kumatori and the Tokai Works.

Efforts toward environmental safety

For protection of the environment both inside and outside of our facilities and for safety and health of personnel, we created the environmental safety management system and control waste releases (gaseous and liquid releases), and assure energy and resources are conserved per the requivetnents of this system and carry out waste (such as exhaust and drainage) control, and energy and resource saving activities.

Tokai Works obtained ISO14001 in 2001.
In Kumatori Works, we returned certificate in 2013, but we will keep the environmental conservation activities by using an environmental management system.

Efforts toward occupational safety and health

For protection of employee’s safety and health, we established a management system and evaluate the risks and continuously improve the working environment in the Works.

Both Kumatori and Tokai Works obtained certification of Occupational Safety & Health Management System in 2004.

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