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Company Overview,History,Certifications
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Company Overview,History,Certifications

Company Overview

Name Nuclear Fuel Industries, Ltd.
Established July 1972
Capital ¥1 billion
Shareholders Westinghouse Electric Company 52%
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.24%
The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.24%
Head Quarters Tennozu First Tower, 2-2-4 Higashi shinagawa,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0002, Japan

TEL: 81-3-5479-7581
Facilities Kumatori Works  Tokai Works
Business Network Tokyo Sales & Marketing Dept  Osaka Sales & Marketing Dept  Kyushu Branch Office  Shikoku Branch Office  Hokkaido Branch Office  Tohoku Branch Office   Europe Office
Business Activities
  • Development, design, and production of nuclear fuel for light-water reactors (PWR/BWR)
  • Core management services for light-water reactors (PWR/BWR)
  • Development, design, and production of fuel for new HTR reactors and other research reactors
  • Technological development related to the nuclear fuel cycle
  • Design and manufacturing of nuclear fuel-related inspection equipment
  • Sterilization and material processing services by electron beam irradiation
Subsidiary Companies

Major Cooperative Overseas Relationships

Fuel Business

Light-water reactor fuel

・ Westinghouse Group (US, UK, Sweden etc.)
・Cooperation on PWR/BWR Fuel R&D
・ Areva NP (France, Germany, U.S.)
・Cooperation on PWR/BWR fuel development
・Information exchange concerning PWR/BWR fuel, fuel-related services, reactor core design, and reactor core management
・ Korea Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd.
・General technology information exchange concerning PWR fuel, reactor core design, and reactor core management
・ ArevaNC (France)
・ Fabrication and transportation of MOX fuel
・ MELOX (France)
・ MOX fuel fabrication contract
・ Belgonucleaire (Belgium)
・ Technology transfer agreement concerning MOX fuel
・ Kazatomprom (Kazakhstan)
・ Reconversion service

High-temperature gas reactor fuel

・ TsinghuaUniversity (China)
・ General technology information exchange concerning high-temperature gas reactor fuel

Exchange of Safety-related Information

・ International Network for Safety Assurance of Fuel Cycle Industries (INSAF)
・ Safety information and opinion exchange among nuclear fuel suppliers in the world

Acquired Certifications

Certification Acquired Department
ISO 9001
Quality management system
PWR Fuel Division at Kumatori Works (1999)
BWR Fuel Division at Tokai Works (1998)
Electron Irradiation Service (2003)
Upgrade from ISO 9002 (2000)
Engineering Service Division (2003)
Environmental management system
Kumatori Works (1999-2013)
Tokai Works (2001-2017)
Occupational health and safety management system
Tokai Works (2004)
OSHMS (JISHA method)
Occupational health and safety management system
Kumatori Works (2004)
ISO 13485
Quality management system for medical equipment
Electron Irradiation Service (2004)

Company History

    History of NFI Developments in the Nuclear Industry
1951     World’s first nuclear power generated (U.S.)
1955   Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. begins researching uranium dioxide powder Enactment of Basic Atomic Energy Law
1956   The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. begins researching nuclear reactor fuel  
1963     Japan’s first successful nuclear power generation demonstration at JPDR
1964   Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. builds research/production facilities at KumatoriResearchCenter  
1965   The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. establishes fuel processing facility at TakeyamaResearchCenter  
1966   Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. builds power/production facilities at KumatoriResearchCenter The Japan Atomic Power Company begins operations at Japan’s first nuclear power generator, Tokai Power Station Unit 1
1970     The Kansai Electric Power Company, Inc. begins operations at Mihama Power Station Unit 1
1971     Tokyo Electric Power Company begins operations at Fukushima Power Station Unit 1

1972 7 Nuclear Fuel Industries, Ltd. established  
1974 12 Fuel delivered for Kansai Electric Power’s Mihama Power Station Unit 2 (first delivery of fuel for a PWR power company) Implementation of the three laws for power development
1978 9 Fuel delivered for Tokyo Electric Power’s First Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Unit 3 (first delivery of fuel for a BWR power company)  
1979     Accident at Three Mile Island nuclear power station (U.S.)
1980 1 Operations begun at Tokai production facility  
1985 8 Establishment of Nuclear Engineering, Ltd.  
12 Total PWR fuel delivered exceeds 1,000 units
1986 2 Total BWR fuel delivered exceeds 1,000 units Accident at Chernobyl nuclear power station (U.S.S.R.)
1987 2 Kyushu Branch Office opened  
1989 7 Engineering Cooperation Co., Ltd established Tokyo Center of World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) established
1991 1 Total BWR fuel delivered exceeds 3,000 units SG heat transfer tube at Kansai Electric Power’s Mihama Power Station Unit 2 damaged
4 Engineering Precision Co., Ltd established
6 Shikoku Branch Office opened
1992     Japan Nuclear Fuel, Ltd. established
1993 4 Tohoku Branch Office opened Japan-Russia conference for dismantling of nuclear weapons held in Russia
1994 4 Total PWR fuel delivered exceeds 3,000 units IAEA passes Nuclear Safety Convention
9 Total BWR fuel delivered exceeds 5,000 units
1995     JAEA (Former PNC) Monju sodium leak accident
1997 7 European office opened  
9 First delivery of loading fuel for JAERI’s high-temperature engineering test reactor (HTTR)
10 Total BWR fuel delivered exceeds 7,000 units
1998     JAEA’s (Former JAERI) high-temperature gas reactor (HTTR) reaches first critical state
1999 4 Electron Irradiation Service started Criticality accident at JCO uranium fuel processing facility
5 Hokkaido Branch Office opened
2000 6 Cooperation accord among nuclear operators for dealing with a nuclear disaster concluded among three processing companies Nuclear Disaster Special Measures Law enacted
Revised nuclear reactor law enacted
10 Total PWR fuel delivered exceeds 5,000 units
2001 10 Total BWR fuel delivered exceeds 10,000 units Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry establishes Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency
2008 4 Engineering Cooporation Co., Ltd is merged back into Nuclear Fuel Industries,Ltd.  
2009 5 Westinghouse Electric Company became the largest shareholder (52% stake) as a result of the share transfer  
2011 3   The Great East Japan Earthquake
Accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
2012 9   Ministry of the Environment establishes the Nuclear Regulation Authority(NRA) and the Secretariat of the NRA
2013 4 Toho Engineering Co.,Ltd absorbes into Engineering Precision Co.,Ltd  
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