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Message from the President
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Message from the President

Working towards a safer, more comfortable society

NFI was formed in 1972 as an integrated nuclear power company. As Japan’s sole producer of fuel for both boiling-water reactors (BWRs) and pressurized-water reactors (PWRs), we have safely supplied high-quality fuel with advanced technology to nearly all the nuclear power plants in Japan over forty years period. During that time, we have operated safely and experienced no accidents. We have also committed ourselves to the development, production, and design of various innovative kinds of nuclear fuel, including fuel components for world-leading technologies such as high-temperature gas reactors and fast-breeder reactors. Not only do we design nuclear fuel, but we have also been working in the areas fuel-related systems and maintenance operations using our technologies such as reactor core management systems and safety planning.
NFI became a subsidiary of Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation in June 2018, furthering our position as a competent supplier in fuel technology and high quality plant engineering technology.

Working towards high-quality, economical nuclear fuel

The worldwide demand for energy is increasing rapidly. To assure energy security for Japan, which has few domestic energy resources and relies on imported sources for all but less than 10%, we believe the safe and efficient use of nuclear power, a non-CO2 emitting, is essential. Responding to this need, and with a safer, more comfortable society as our goal, we proudly focus our efforts on the research, development, production, and safe supply of high-quality, economical nuclear fuel.

Growing and living together with local communities

As a company with its roots in the local community, we strive to live together and grow together with the local community. In order to continue to be a business that is trusted and admired by the people in the community, we will continue to place high importance on communication with the community as we carry out our honest, straightforward activities.

The major premise for us to continue achieving our goals goes without saying: to make absolutely sure that no accidents occur. Aware of our responsibility to society as a company dealing with nuclear power, and placing the first priority on security and safety, all employees of this company are working together to be a company worthy of your trust, so we humbly request your guidance and support.

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